OSA Peninsuls Costa Rica

Posted on 21st May 2018

The OSA Peninsula of Costa Rica, as rich and diverse in wild life is the wildlife photographers dream destination. Here the photography is challenging to say the least. bright overcast light shining down througt the capony and dark under the capony itself. You will need to use auto ISO set on the camera and be dialing in compensation constantly due to the fast moving subjects and the lighting changes this creates. Having to check ISO and other settings while trying to capture a subject will result in lost opportunities.

A guide is a great way to go as wandering around on your own could prove to be extremely difficult. Thier knowledge of where to go and how to find subjects is invaluable. Car break down when in the wild would be a disaster and your safety is paramount. We had Dennis and Diego from Crocodile bay resort, both of which had tremendous local knowledge and did all the driving. We travelled with Steve Pery from Backcoutrygallery.com who provide the technical know how in the difficult lighting coditions. A great team to have on your side. His wife Rose did most of the organisation at the resort and again took all the hassle out of our stay.

I will post images as I develop and file the 9000+ images we tok over the workshop. Below is a view of the forest.

The wildlife is out there.

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