Bosque Del Apache

Posted on 12th December 2017

Our first visit to Bosqe Del Apache at the end of November was charged with expectations of which images we were trying to capture. However not being in control of the weather, the birds roosting place or the light made life difficult. So you have to play the cards you are dealt.

Day 1 was a look and observe day, finding the best spots we thought we would like to be for sunrise, sunset etc, where the geese and sandhill cranes were roosting, feeding etc.

The flight deck at sunrise the next day produced zero birds, no sunrise to speak of and windy conditions.  ( not a good start.)

The birds preferred roosting in places we had no access to or the sun rose directly into the lens.

Day 2 we positioned ourselves at the North and South crane ponds. We heard the Geese take off from parts unknown and arrive at the ponds. So far so good.

Sunrise came up behind us and the wind was on our backs. (All good).

The geese gave us a spectacular blast off in great light.

I asked my wife which one she focused on and got the reply" the white one"

Some advice, don't look up mouth agape at this time, as its not only the geese that are flying through the air.

If you can imaging a diesel train passing by overhead, thats the sound the geese make on take off.


Building on this success we headed off to the north and south loops to see what we could find. The south loop proved not a great subject area, the birds preferring the north loop which was bad for subject vs direction of light.

The corn fields on the north loop were most active

Disputes over space were comon.

Incoming looking for a spot to land.

Our best day for a sunrise though not what we had envisaged

Other species found on the loops were, Bald Eagle, Scrub Jay, Quail to name but a few.

Several Eagles had favourite roosting spots around the loops.

Quail were to to found at the nature center along with scrub jay.

Even though conditions were not ideal, it was well worth the trip and one we are planning to do again next year.

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